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MSP Encourages Morays EU Nationals to Apply for Settled Status

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As the deadline of 30th June approaches, Richard Lochhead MSP is urging EU nationals living in Moray to apply for the UK Government’s settled status scheme.

Moray’s SNP MSP has backed the Scottish Government’s calls from the UK Government to extend the deadline and has encouraged anyone who needs help with their application to attend Citizens Rights Project in Elgin on Saturday 5th June.

Commenting Mr Lochhead said:

“First and foremost, my message to all EU nationals living in Moray is that Scotland is your home, you are our family, and we want you to stay here.

“We know that thousands of eligible people living in Scotland have yet to apply for settled status and as local MSP I want to urge all EU citizens to apply ahead of the deadline.

“There are risks for EU citizens who don’t apply to the UK Government scheme, including around your ability to work, access benefits, or even being able to open a bank account.

“There’s the danger that people will have their lives turned upsides down.

“The Scottish Government has sought an extension to the deadline and I support those calls, but until the UK Government agrees to do so, I must sadly reiterate that it remains critical that EU citizens living in Moray complete an application by 30th June.

“Should anyone in Moray require assistance with their application, I’d encourage them to attend the Citizens Rights Project event in Elgin this weekend, or to get in touch with Citizens Advice Scotland to get the support they need.”

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