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MV Corran Ferry Sails Again

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Following the completion of repairs and successful sea trials, the MV Corran ferry returned to service on Sunday 29 October at around 15:00 hrs.

The MV Corran will operate her usual timetable, running seven days a week.

For updates and timetable details, please visit the website.

The vessel has been out of service since developing a significant fault with the aft propulsion unit last winter. 

Specialist engineers have now completed the necessary component repairs and commissioning.

The Highland Council is looking forward to welcoming vehicles and passengers back on board.

The two temporary foot passenger services will stop operating from today as will the shuttle bus service to and from Camusnagaul.

Economy and Infrastructure Committee Chair, Cllr Ken Gowans said:

“Due to unprecedented repair challenges, the Corran Ferry main vessel the MV Corran has regrettably been out of service for twelve months and her back-up vessel, the Maid of Glencoul, has also had significant breakdowns during that time since April 2023, and especially latterly since August 2023.

“Resulting in a foot passenger only service or a lengthy alternative route as the mode of transport to and from the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

“Contributory factors to the duration of the MV Corran’s outage from service include lead in time delays in manufacturing the specialist wheel-gear unit and other replacement components from Europe, boatyard availability pressures and augmented annual maintenance repairs commensurate with the vessel age and to some degree the duration she has been out of service.

“In a determined effort to reduce the risk of in-service failures on her return an extensive overhaul of the MV Corran has been undertaken.

“This includes renewal of the steel plating on both the aft and forward ramps plus a large proportion of the car deck.  New underwater fender skids have also been fitted.

“The Highland Council regrets the reduction to service, the additional journey time and the impact the delay in the MV Corran’s return has caused to the public and businesses.

“We understand the dismay and deeply regret the circumstances of the outage.

“We also value the importance of ensuring a reliable service for the sustainability of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and beyond and continue to work to find solutions and financial funding to provide medium to long term service plans.”

Cllr Gowans added:

“The Corran Ferry crew has been exceptional during really challenging times and worked tirelessly to bring the MV Corran back home for service, I would like to thank them for their long standing commitment and dedication.”

Any remaining cars parked at the slipway marshalling areas must be removed as soon as possible to allow vehicle access to the MV Corran.

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