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New Brexit Checks Could Destroy Business

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The SNP has warned that the new, more expensive and complicated import controls coming into force today as a result of Brexit, could destroy businesses across Scotland and the UK.
Alyn Smith MP’s comments come after reports revealed the new checks will cost one business up to £225,000 a year, and that more businesses in the EU are seriously thinking about halting trading with the UK.

Some EU businesses are comparing the UK with China in terms of custom facilities.
The UK has already suffered the largest five-year decline in goods trades since comparable record began in 1997, with the volume of UK goods imports and exports being 7.4% per cent smaller than in 2018.
Commenting, the SNP’s Europe and EU accession spokesperson, Alyn Smith MP said:
“The Brexit Scotland never voted for – imposed by a Westminster government we never voted for – has been hammering our economy, businesses and household budgets for years and there’s more to come.
“The Brexit controls that came into effect today will make life more difficult and more expensive for businesses and consumers – costing some hundreds of thousands of pounds in extra costs a year.
“Yet with Labour and the Tories both committed to Brexit, there will be no reprieve to the ever-rising costs it incurs any time soon.

“Sir Keir Starmer has confirmed things won’t change under a UK Labour government.
“Independence is the only way for Scotland to re-join the EU single market and customs union and stop Brexit hammering our businesses and budgets.
“Every week we see further evidence that not only is Brexit not working, it is actively damaging businesses and our economy, and stifling growth.
“The SNP are the only party offering the people of Scotland an escape from broken Brexit Britain and a route back into the EU – and the world’s largest single market – through independence.”

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