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New Business Offers Free Social Media Service to Local Charity

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A local entrepreneur is launching a new full-service social media business with an exclusive offer to provide a local charity or business with a free social media audit and one hour workshop/Q&A, valued at £100.

Sally Donald (25), a local communications expert, set up ‘The Social Net’ to help businesses and charities create engaging and fresh social media content to increase connections with customers and clients online. 

The Inverness businesswoman says that the recent health crisis has highlighted the value of social media to organisations, with almost 1 in 2 consumers planning to shop online more frequently after the outbreak.

While some businesses have managed to connect with their customers through their social media, it has not been so easy for others and particularly difficult for charities which are often run by volunteers.

In offering an audit and workshop for a local charity or business, Miss Donald hopes to help them increase their online reach and, in doing so, secure more local support for their cause. 

Sally said:

“In this modern-day, a strong social media presence is an absolute necessity – as we have seen through the COVID crisis it is vital that businesses, charities and organisations maximise their social media presence.

“However, I also understand how daunting it can be and keeping on top of online platforms can be pushed to the bottom of a long list of things to do.

“It is also a new set of skills to learn and a different set for each new social media platform.

“It is a lot for people, especially when they have a business to run.

“That’s where The Social Net comes in – to take away the stress of the social media world from small business owners and charities.

“After all what is the use is an online presence if it doesn’t add value to the business or cause.

“I want to work with clients to find their social media ‘voice’ and agree on which platforms are the right fit for them.”

To enter a free draw for these services, local charities and businesses should email Sally at sally.thesocialnet@gmail.com or message her via Facebook at The Social Net.

The winner of the free service will be announced on the 4th of August.

The Social Net offers one-off social media audits to full-service social media management packages.

To find out more about the services email Sally at sally.thesocialnet@gmail.com.

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