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New Report Finds Children Bearing Brunt of Tory Cost of Living Crisis

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Children from vulnerable and low-income households are bearing the brunt of the Tories cost of living crisis, the SNP has said after a new report laid bare the impact of ‘bed poverty’.

The report, from children’s charity Barnardo’s, found more than one in twenty children are sleeping on the floor due to not having a bed in the last twelve months, with a further one in ten being forced to share a bed with another family member.

The charity believes that, based on the findings, there could be around 700,000 children sharing beds and 440,000 children sleeping on the floor because they don’t have a bed of their own.

Commenting, the SNP’s Social Justice spokesperson, David Linden MP said:

“Noone has been made to suffer through this Tory-made cost of living crisis more than children from vulnerable and low-income households who are being made to bear the brunt of the Tories’ economic mismanagement and callous austerity.

“Add these findings to the reports of families foregoing basic essentials, and the reality that will occur again this winter of families having to choose between whether to heat or eat, and a very bleak picture is painted of modern Britain under this damaging Westminster rule.

“Children need to be given the best start in life, that’s why I’m proud of the SNP’s Baby Box and Scottish Child Payment which has lifted tens of thousands of children out of poverty – but this work risks being undone by Westminster.

“We can no longer sit and watch as the Tories at Westminster impose devastating poverty and hardship on our children and families against our best efforts to see them thrive.

“It’s clear the only way to end austerity, bring about real support for families during this cost of living crisis, and build an economy that puts ordinary people first is with the full powers of independence.”

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