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New Study Reveals The Best Place to Survive an Apocalypse 

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A new study has revealed the best and worst places to survive the apocalypse in the UK – with the Scottish Highlands taking the top spot. 

From alien invasions to zombie outbreaks, the thought of an apocalyptic event is always there in the back of our minds, so where is the safest place to survive? 

The study, conducted by JeffBet, compared thirteen different metrics across each UK region and compiled them into an index, including population density and the availability of useful survival resources, revealing the UK areas that are the best and worst for surviving an apocalypse. 

To evaluate the availability of food and water, the study compared the number of freshwater lakes, supermarkets, and grocery shops, as well as the amount of hunting, fishing, and outdoor supply stores. 

But survival goes beyond just food and water, which is why the study also compared hardware stores, garages, medical centres, and other valuable amenities to identify where has the most survival supplies.  

Claiming the top spot with a commendable score of 74.04 out of a potential 130 points, the Scottish Highlands solidified its position as the prime choice for survival.

One of its standout strengths lies in its remarkably low population density, a crucial factor in navigating post-apocalyptic challenges.  

Furthermore, the region’s breath-taking landscapes offer not just aesthetic appeal but also practical advantages, boasting an abundance of scenic trails and wilderness areas, perfect for foraging and establishing remote shelters away from densely populated areas. 

Securing the second spot with a respectable score of 71.27 points is the coastal region, Argyll and Bute, stretching along Scotland’s scenic western coastline, which includes the charming Isle of Mull. 

Known for its remote and secluded setting, this area is a prime location for surviving tough times.

Its rugged coastline and abundance of wild spaces mean you can fish, forage, and build shelters away from populated cities.

In third place comes the picturesque Orkney Islands off the North Coast of Scotland.

Renowned for its rich history and abundant seal colonies, the island chain offers a sanctuary for those who can embrace primitive survival techniques – plus, living on an Island offers added security against external threats.  

In fourth place is Fermanagh and Omagh, marking the first Irish location to appear in the ranking.

Encompassing much of the South-West of Northern Ireland, this region contains plenty of farmland, perfect for rebuilding society. 

TheLake District in England emerges as another formidable contender for survival in the apocalypse, with Eden and South Lakeland securing the fifth and seventh positions, respectively, in the ranking. 

Renowned for its natural beauty, the Lakes provide numerous remote camping spots, outdoor supply stores, and abundant fishing locations, supplying residents with plenty of essential resources. 

Ranking sixth is the region of Gwynedd, situated in Northwest Wales.

Home to Snowdonia National Park, it presents a perfect mixture of breath-taking scenery, abundant freshwater sources, and a notably sparse local population. 

Earning the eighth position is Eilean Siar, comprising much of the Outer Hebrides and arguably one of the most remote areas in Britain.

With over 7,500 freshwater lochs scattered across the region, it’s hardly surprising that this area offers prime conditions for off-grid survival. 

Stirling, claiming the ninth spot, is the first city on the list.

With a population of just 93,000, it’s more like a large town.

What sets it apart is its access to crucial amenities like shops and medical centres, all without the overcrowding in bigger cities. 

Closing the top ten is Powys in Wales, spanning much of the heart of the country.

Its vast expanse of picturesque farmland, rolling hills, and meandering streams make it an ideal location for living off the land.   

Best UK areas to survive an apocalypse: 

Rank Area Points (Out of 130) 
1 Scottish Highlands 74.04 
2 Argyll and Bute 71.27 
3 Orkney Islands 69.74 
4 Fermanagh and Omagh 68.85 
5 Eden 67.76 
6 Gwynedd 67.44 
7 South Lakeland 67.37 
8 Eilean Siar  65.60 
9 Stirling 65.33 
10 Powys 64.50 

On the other end of the scale, the study also revealed the worst places to live in the UK for surviving an apocalypse, and it may come as no surprise, but it’s bad news for London dwellers.  

Securing the bottom spot, with a low score of 21.02, is Lewisham, a borough in Greater London known for its bustling urban environment and high population density. 

Unfortunately, in the event of an apocalyptic scenario, the crowded streets and limited access to essential resources could pose significant challenges for residents attempting to survive. 

Following closely behind is Tower Hamlets, scoring 21.27, another London borough known for its crowded streets and bustling city vibe.

Filled with expensive houses and business offices, Tower Hamlets doesn’t have the wide-open areas or natural resources needed to survive long-term during an apocalypse. 

Placing third, Newham, a borough in Greater London, ranks among the least survivable areas – scoring just 21.53.

Despite its access to the River Thames, Newham suffers from high population density and a scarcity of wilderness areas suitable for foraging and shelter construction – making it one of the worst places to find yourself amid an apocalyptic event. 

Interestingly, Luton emerges as the sole non-London area included in the top ten worst regions for survival.

Situated in Bedfordshire, Luton is one of the most densely populated towns in the UK, making survival here just as difficult as plenty of London locations.  

Worst UK areas to survive an apocalypse:  

Rank Area Points (Out of 130) 
1 Lewisham 21.02 
2 Tower Hamlets 21.27 
3 Newham 21.53 
4 Lambeth 22.43 
5 Greenwich 22.61 
6 Barking and Dagenham 22.70 
7 Wandsworth 23.62 
8 Luton 23.72 
9 Southwark 24.23 
10 Harrow 24.43 

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from JeffBet says:

“It’s fascinating to discover which parts of the UK offer the best shot at survival during an apocalypse, with less populated areas and abundant natural resources coming out on top. 

“Interestingly, Stirling stands out as the only city that could potentially serve as a safe haven in apocalyptic circumstances.

“In fact, it’s good news for Scottish residents, as the study revealed there are plenty of Scottish areas perfect for surviving and hiding from the dangers of urban areas.  

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good for those living in London or any other busy UK city.

“It seems opting for quieter, more remote locations might offer a better chance of survival.” 

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