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New Tax Year Will See Scots Pay Less Than England and Wales

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Research compiled and commissioned by the SNP shows the average household in Scotland will pay less overall for council tax, water, NHS prescriptions and dental check-ups this tax year.

The average Band D council tax in Scotland will remain at £1,417 for 2024/25 as a result of the SNP Scottish Government’s council tax freeze.

In Tory-run England and Labour-run Wales, households will see an average council tax increase of 5.1% and 7.7% respectively – the highest council tax on record.

In Wales, the average council tax for a Band D property is £2,024, and in England it is £2,171.

Scottish households will also pay less for water, with the average annual water bill to cost £444 in Scotland, and £473 in England and Wales.

Whilst NHS dental check-ups and prescriptions are free for Scots, people in England and Wales face an increased £26.80 for dental examinations and £9.65 for prescriptions.

Overall, excluding dental examination and prescription costs, the average household in Scotland pays £783 less per year than the average household in Tory-run England, and £636 than their equivalent in Labour-run Wales.

Commenting, the SNP’s Social Justice spokesperson David Linden MP said:

“The SNP Scottish Government has been doing what it can to keep money in people’s pockets and invest in public services during 14 years of imposed Tory austerity, Brexit and Westminster’s cost of living crisis.

“Through the council tax freeze and a publicly-owned water company, Scots pay up to £780 less than residents in England and Wales.

“This is on top of free university tuition, free prescriptions, free baby boxes, free dental check-ups and 7 welfare payments that are unique to Scotland, including the Scottish Child Payment.

“These are Scotland’s values.

“However, whilst we remain under Westminster control Scotland can only go so far – and shockingly that will remain true under a Labour government, given Sir Keir Starmer has signed up to Tory tax and spending plans, u-turned on renegotiating Brexit and refused to give Scotland’s parliament any more powers.

“It is clear that only the SNP will stand up for people in Scotland – so until Scotland becomes independent it is important we have a strong team of SNP MPs at Westminster making Scotland’s voice and values heard.

“Vote SNP at the next election to make that happen.”

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