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New Tech Tool to Tackle NHS Waiting Lists

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National theatre scheduling software to increase procedures.

Software to reduce hospital waiting times and enhance operating theatre efficiency will be rolled out in NHS boards across Scotland over the next year.

Developed by clinician-led tech company Infix, the national theatre scheduling tool improved operating room efficiency by up to 25% without the need for extra medical staff or additional theatres during successful pilots across three health boards.

It also enabled the completion of additional operations for patients which resulted in significant financial savings.

The platform will now support all NHS Boards to increase productivity, remove paper processes, and reduce the overall administrative burden in the creation and approval of theatre lists, which can delay patient treatment.

In a speech in Edinburgh, Health Secretary Neil Gray outlined the role of innovation and collaboration in the future of Scotland’s health service.

He said:

“Better use of data and digital technology is critical to how we drive improvements in healthcare and is a key part of our plans to reform services.

“This technology is backed by more than five years’ worth of NHS operating times data and is just one of the initiatives that will help enable us to schedule 1.5 million procedures per year – while improving data quality to help safely increase productivity.

“This will help maximise capacity, build greater resilience and reduce waiting lists.

“Reducing the administrative burden on staff will give them more time to spend on patient care.

“This is a shining example of how we are embracing cutting edge tools to tackle the challenges facing health and social care.”

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