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New ‘Thermal Imaging Wildlife Safaris’ launched in Scottish Highlands  

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An outdoor pursuits company based in the Scottish Highlands has launched new guided wildlife tours for visitors to enjoy after dark using the latest thermal imaging technology.

Connell Outdoor Pursuits, which is based in the Dornoch area of Sutherland, is introducing the new ‘Thermal Imaging Wildlife Safaris’ to offer visitors to the region a rare opportunity to observe animals in the wild under the cover of darkness, including deer, foxes, badgers, rabbits, pine martens and hedgehogs.

The new ‘Thermal Imaging Wildlife Safaris’ for up to three people per session, will take place late evening or at night, depending on the time of year. 

Kurt Connell, owner of Connell Outdoor Pursuits is also a member of Venture North, the destination management organisation that promotes responsible tourism in the far north Scottish Highlands.

Kurt Connell, owner of Connell Outdoor Pursuits.

He said:

“Our new Thermal Imaging Wildlife Safaris are a great new way for visitors to observe a range of species up close after dark, including some of our conic Highland wildlife.”

Connell Outdoor Pursuits also offers a range of personalised Archery & Clay sessions, driven 4×4 scenic tours, custom activity tour packages and local fishing.

The new ‘Thermal Imaging Wildlife Safaris’ are priced at £75 per person aged nine and above.

For more information about Connell Outdoor Pursuits and its new ‘Thermal Imaging Wildlife Safaris’, visit www.connelloutdoorpursuits.com 

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