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Nicola Sturgeon Launches SNP Local Election Manifesto

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SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has launched the party’s local election manifesto, outlining how SNP councillors will tackle the Tory cost of living crisis and how communities across Scotland must come together to combat it.

Speaking at the Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock the First Minister highlighted how the SNP Scottish Government has already supported household budgets throughout its time in office with free prescriptions, free university tuition, the fairest income tax deal in the UK and saved households hundreds on their council tax bill compared to England.

Ms. Sturgeon then went on to outline how SNP councillors will tackle the cost of living crisis and the policies that will be their priority.

These include a £150 payment to ease household budgets, expanding free early learning and childcare, introducing wraparound childcare, building 110,000 affordable homes in the next decade and developing a National Care Service.

Speaking, Nicola Sturgeon MSP said:

“We live in the most serious of times. And in these serious times people, families and communities across Scotland need and expect serious leadership.

“In the months and years ahead, let us – all of us – come together in a national pandemic-level effort to steer Scotland through the cost of living crisis and build a better future.

“SNP Councillors – in partnership with our government at Holyrood – will strain every sinew to help families and communities through to that better future.

“And we will demand the Tory government at Westminster takes action on the crisis that it has done so much to create.

“This is the clear choice facing the people of Scotland on 5th May.

“It is a choice between SNP action, compassion and leadership, or Tory inaction, self-interest, complacency and sleaze.

“Vote for the party with a plan – a plan to help you through the tough times of today. 

“And a plan to build a better tomorrow.

“Vote SNP on May 5.”

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