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Only Independence Can Protect Scotland From Brutal Tory Cuts

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The SNP has said that only independence can protect the people of Scotland from the devastating impact of Tory cuts.

It comes as inflation reaches a 40-year high and the Tory UK government slashed core funding to the Scottish Government by 5.2% in real terms.

Without the full borrowing powers of any other independent country, the Scottish Government’s budget is at risk of being eroded by high inflation and unable to provide additional support to people in the face of the Tory made cost of living crisis.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“Scotland’s finances have yet again been subject to brutal cuts to its budget by Westminster, with core funding slashed by 5.2% in real terms by the Tories.

“In 2014, the people of Scotland were told that they would benefit from the ‘broad shoulders’ of the UK, but instead Westminster control has meant cuts, not cash for households and public services across the country.

“The Scottish Government must work within its fixed budget because we do not have the borrowing powers of other independent countries – so Tory cuts decided in London have a direct impact on public services here in Scotland.

“Despite cutting Scotland’s budget, 90% of the revenue for the Chancellor’s windfall tax will come from profits made in Scotland.

“That means – not for the first time – Scotland’s resources are bankrolling the rest of the UK and demonstrating how much stronger a position we would be in as an independent country.

“Just this week a Glasgow University study found that people in Scotland are dying younger because of Tory austerity – it laid bare the direct impact of Westminster cuts on the lives of people in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government works with one hand tied behind its back by a UK Tory government that imposes cut after cut.

“It is only with the full powers of independence that we can start to build a fairer, more equal country.”

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