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Opposing The UK Illegal Migration Bill

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Minister to set out how Bill will undermine Scotland’s support for victims of human trafficking.

Migration Minister Emma Roddick led a debate to condemn the UK Government’s Illegal Migration Bill.

The Bill, if enacted, will undermine the devolution settlement by restricting the powers of Scottish Ministers and remove the entitlement of a significant number of human trafficking victims to access Scottish Government-funded support services.

Concerns that the Bill will not achieve the changes needed to make asylum and immigration systems humane, dignified and fit for purpose were raised by the Scottish Parliament in April, but have been ignored by the UK Government.

Ms Roddick said:

“We have been clear in our opposition to the UK Government’s Illegal Migration Bill, which violates human rights obligations and will push some of society’s most vulnerable people deeper into exploitation and destitution.

“The Bill will also hinder the ability of Scottish Ministers to provide support and assistance to people who have been exploited in horrific situations.

“It is our view that this overreaches into the Scottish Parliament’s devolved competencies, undermining our commitments to victims of trafficking and exploitation.

“Scottish Ministers and wider civic society are united in our stance that this Bill has no place in Scotland.

“We will continue to work closely with stakeholders to develop reasonable mitigations against the impacts of the Bill, within our devolved powers and budget.”

The Scottish Parliament authorities are of the view that the Bill does not meet the criteria for lodging a Legislative Consent Memorandum, which would require Holyrood’s consent to the legislation.

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