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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Ordinary People Paying Heavy Price for Tory Mismanagement

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Ordinary people are set to face an even heavier energy bill in 2024, the SNP has warned, after reports confirmed the energy price cap is set to be lifted again after January to help suppliers clear debt.

£3bn of bad debt accrued through unpaid gas and electricity bills is set to be levied against ordinary people in the New Year, adding an additional burden to struggling families during this cost of living crisis.

Commenting, the SNP’s Energy spokesperson, Dave Doogan MP said:

“Ordinary people have paid a heavy price for energy for too long, and in many cases people have had to choose between heating or eating.

“This is the result of disastrous Tory economic mismanagement, and a damaging Brexit that has laid even more financial hardship on struggling households.

“What people need right now is a reprieve from the energy bills that have soared through no fault of their own – instead this Tory government is allowing people to suffer even more through a mess of their making.

“Scotland desperately needs full energy powers but that won’t come from Keir Starmer and his Labour Party, who have signed up to Tory tax and spending plans, including their refusal to offer up real cost of living support.

“Given Scotland’s abundance of natural resources and the fact that we’re leading the way in the UK on renewable energy, the people living there shouldn’t be paying extortionate energy prices.

“Scotland has the energy, we just need the powers.”

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