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Our NHS is Under Threat

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Starmer challenged on Streeting’s NHS Vision

The SNP has challenged Sir Keir Starmer to confirm whether or not he supports his Shadow Health Secretary’s campaign for NHS privatisation. 

Speaking at the Institute for Government conference earlier this morning, Mr Streeting outlined his party’s plans for the NHS – something the SNP’s Health spokesperson, Amy Callaghan MP, said “could easily be mistaken for a Conservative manifesto commitment”.

Mr Streeting has previously pledged to “hold the door open” to private interests as part of Labour’s NHS reform plans. 

Scotland’s NHS has the highest per-capita funding of the UK nations – 10% higher than Tory-run England. 

Proportionally, almost £1.8 billion more is spent on frontline health services in Scotland compared to England, and almost £405 million more compared to Labour-run Wales.

Additionally, following the recent SNP Scottish Budget, Scotland’s health service will receive a 4.3% funding rise – equating to an additional £550 million – increasing the budget to £13.2 billion as part of an above real terms rise.

Commenting, the SNP’s Health spokesperson, Amy Callaghan MP said:

“If Sir Keir Starmer has any respect for our National Health Service, he will confirm whether or not he supports his Shadow Health Secretary’s vision for our NHS which could easily be mistaken for a Conservative manifesto commitment. 

“Wes Streeting has not hid his vision for the NHS, which includes a pledge to ‘hold the door open’ to private interest.

“It’s time for Sir Keir Starmer to come clean on whether or not he backs the privatisation agenda that Wes Streeting is so clearly gearing up for. 

“Be in no doubt, under both the Tories and Labour – our NHS is under threat. 

“In contrast, under the SNP, Scotland’s NHS will always remain in public hands.

“Scotland has the highest NHS funding of the UK nations which is a testament to the SNP Scottish Government’s commitment to protecting our NHS. 

“While Scotland looks on in horror at the threat both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer pose to the national health service, it’s clear that only a vote for the SNP at the next general election will ensure that Scotland’s voice is heard and that our beloved NHS remains in public hands.”

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