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Partial Closure of Cullen’s West Pier

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Cullen West Pier has been partially closed to vehicles and pedestrians due to deterioration of the pier, and the need for further investigation.

Moray Council’s harbour staff and engineers ramped up annual inspections to quarterly in March 2021 to monitor and measure the west quay’s degradation and, following a structural inspection by an external specialist, it was deemed necessary to close off all access to the area.

Boat owners with vessels on the affected pier can still access their boats using the gate but are urged to be cautious of the barriers in situ while turning their vehicles.

Moray Council’s Development and Operations Manager for harbours, Stuart Akass, said:

“After careful consideration we’ve taken this action to avoid further deterioration and to ensure the safety of the public and harbour users.

“A full report on this is being prepared but, with the cracks on the pier slowly increasing, there is investigation work required to find out what is happening. 

“Our technical experts and engineers are working up a plan which will set out options for councillors to consider in due course.

“There are still many other viewing points around the harbour and on the west pier itself to enjoy, and we thank Cullen harbour users and visitors for their co-operation.”

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