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Partnership Provides Pathway for Young People into The Construction Industry

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The Highland Council’s Employability Service has developed a project with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to provide a pathway for young people who are interested in working in the construction industry.

The Council’s Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee Cllr Ken Gowans said:

“This access to trades initiative is specifically designed to provide young people with skills and the confidence to go forward and apply for jobs in the construction industry.

“It’s a great example of how working in partnership can really make a positive change.

“In this case, to deliver a new very accessible way to help people enter the construction sector and very importantly, provide continued support through mentoring for the first six months of work.

“I am glad that those delivering the training are using their experience and contacts within the construction sector.

“The young people will learn a lot and have the chance to gain some valuable work experience.  

“I wish them all the very best as they move forward in their careers and we look forward to continuing this collaboration with the CITB and Banardo’s Works.”

Each young person taking part in the specially designed course will receive a 4 week classroom based session followed by a week’s work experience.

There is then the opportunity for participants to progress into paid employment with a local construction or trades business.

Barnardo’s have an excellent track record of providing support to help young people into work and connecting with the construction industry.

The third group of young people taking part started their first day on the course delivered by Barnardo’s and were visited by Elaine Morrissey and Billy Baxter from the CITB.

CITB representative Elaine Morrissey, Commissioner from CITB was delighted to see the group of young people working with Barnardo’s Works Access to Trades provision, which has in the past successfully secured employment and enabled Barnardo’s to utilise their CITB funded, SACO mentoring commission, to supply support to the young people in the early months of their employment. 

Anne Walker, Service Manager Barnardo’s Works Highland said:

“Barnardo’s Works continue to build momentum with it’s highly successful Access to Trades employability provision, supporting young people interested in a career in Construction by providing them with the skills and training to commence employment, and thereafter to receive one to one mentoring whilst in work. 

“The partnership with CITB and Highland Council play a huge part in providing us with the opportunity to help the young people we are working with access Construction through a non-traditional route.”

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