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Monday, June 17, 2024

Pavement Parking Ban Enforcement Across Highlands to Start in February 

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The Highland Council’s parking enforcement team are reminding drivers that during February they will be enforcing the new pavement parking ban.

The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 has prohibited pavement parking, double parking, and parking at dropped kerbs and anyone caught can face a £100 fine.

Chair of the Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Ken Gowans said:

“Many people face daily difficulties with pavement parking.

“It is dangerous and frustrating, especially for those with impairments or limited mobility.

“It can force people to take unnecessary risks.

“For example, people using wheelchairs and buggies or prams without access to dropped kerbs can be forced onto the road, risking their safety.

“Since December our parking enforcement team have been issuing warning notices to drivers caught breaking the law but during February 2024, they will be taking full enforcement action.

“Anyone parking on a pavement risks a fine of £100 or £50 if they pay it within 14 days.

“Details about the new regulations have been provided on the council’s website so I urge all drivers to make themselves familiar with the information.

“We hope everyone will consider others and there will be limited need for enforcement.”

The team have provided information on the rollout of enforcement on the Council’s website 

Members of the public can report any parking issue anywhere in the Highlands here 

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