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Pensioners are Getting a Raw Deal From Westminster

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Scottish pensioners are getting a “raw deal” from Westminster, the SNP has said, citing repeated Tory attacks on the rights and benefits of Scotland’s elderly population.

It comes as secret UK government plans to increase the pension age to 68 were revealed last week, the latest in a line of attacks that have hammered the incomes of older Scottish people.

Tory attacks on pensioners have come “thick and fast” over their 12 years in rule, the SNP’s Social Justice spokesperson, David Linden MP, said, slamming the scrapping of free TV licences, pension credit cuts, raises to the state pension age and attacks on the triple lock.

And with analysis showing that the UK’s state pension is one of the worst in North West Europe, lagging seriously behind countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Germany, the Glasgow East MP said only independence can ensure our older people can live with dignity and respect.

Commenting, David Linden MP said:

“Whether it’s raises in the state pension age, attacks on the triple lock, scrapping of free TV licences, pension credit cuts or the fact the UK delivers one of the worst pensions in North West Europe, it’s clear pensioners in Scotland are getting a raw deal under Westminster control.

“The only way that pensions can be protected is with independence.

“In 2014, the people of Scotland were warned that the only way to protect their pensions was by voting No, since then they’ve had to contend with Westminster piling on the damage as the livelihoods of older people in Scotland have been hammered.

“Far from raising the pension to a dignified level in line with our European neighbours, the Tories have only taken steps to worsen the standard of living for pensioners in Scotland by stripping away their rights and forcing them to work longer.”Attacks on pensioners have come thick and fast since the Tories came to office in 2010, and show no signs of stopping.

“It is a scandal that those who have worked the hardest can be treated in such a way by their own government, but be in no doubt – for as long as Scotland remains under Westminster control, our pensioners will continue to be a target for the Tories’ callous cost-cutting measures.

“Only with the full powers of independence can we protect Scotland’s pensions, ensure our older people can live with dignity and respect, and build a fairer, more prosperous country for everyone.”

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