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Plockton High School Becomes Latest School of Shinty

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Plockton High School and the Camanachd Association are delighted to announce the launch of the latest school of shinty.  

The initiative follows on from other success stories across the country and focuses around connecting more young people with more shinty throughout the academic year.

The School of Shinty is a joint initiative between Plockton High School and the Camanachd Association, with support from the local shinty clubs, Kinlochshiel, Lochcarron and South Skye Juniors.

The exciting plans are aimed at ensuring continued growth of shinty within Plockton High School to meet the development aims of both the school and the local clubs.

The plans include shinty being delivered on the PE curriculum to all S1 and S2 pupils, a extra curricular club being championed by the schools Shinty Ambassadors and participation in CA school competitions with a pathway to local club participation and competition at the forefront.  

The key aspects of shinty that the School will also incorporate includes: –

  • Coach education (Staff and pupils)
  • Officiating education (Staff members and pupils) delivered by the Camanachd Association Regional Development Staff with support from the local shinty Clubs.

Announcing the inspired new initiative, Head Teacher Susan Galloway said:

“We are excited to be in partnership with the Camanachd Association to become a School of Shinty.

“The benefits that this will have on not for Plockton High School but the local shinty teams and community are fantastic.”

Derek Keir, Chief Executive Officer of the Camanachd Association is delighted with the announcement and said:

“Primary school participation is taking off again after a couple of tough years, sustaining this into secondary schools is a priority to us and broadening the number of people delivering shinty to enhance the number of opportunities young people have to access our sport is key to this.

“The school of shinty at Plockton does just that.”

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