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Thursday, April 18, 2024

PM Extends ICE Ban to 2035

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With Rishi Sunak announcing that the ICE ban will be extended to 2035, car owners across the UK have been given extra time to upgrade their vehicles.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar comments:

“Whilst there has been an ongoing push and move towards EVs across the UK, the extension on the ICE ban will give many drivers more time and opportunity to consider the best time to upgrade their vehicle.

“Our research showed that 31% of drivers said they will start to consider an EV in the next few years.

“Although the initial cost of an EV is a little higher than a petrol or diesel car, it is a more future-proof option and there are some longer-term benefits to making the switch to electric earlier.

“EVs are typically cheaper to run due to the low charging costs and often cost less to service due to them having fewer moving parts.

“And many of today’s EVs can cover between 150 and 300 miles on a fully charged battery. 

“The decision ultimately depends on lifestyle and driving habits but electric cars are becoming more present in the UK despite the extension of the ICE ban.

Our guide on buying an electric car gives drivers more information on their benefits if they’re considering a greener alternative.”

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