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PM Must Follow European Neighbours and Extend Furlough

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The SNP’s Westminster Leader (pictured) has renewed calls for the Prime Minister to commit to the extension of the UK furlough scheme, on the day that Germany joins France in extending their job retention scheme to almost two years.

Ian Blackford MP highlighted that while other European countries have the full economic levers to protect jobs, household incomes and living standards, Scotland faces the potential loss of 200,000 jobs unless the UK furlough scheme is extended.

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“While other European nations have the full powers to chart their way to economic recovery, Scotland is subjected to a UK-wide furlough scheme that was tapered too soon and is due to end at a time when certain sectors will be more vulnerable than ever.

“Today, Germany joins France in extending their furlough scheme to nearly two years, yet people in Scotland still face grave uncertainty because of the UK government’s refusal to act.

“The STUC’s warning that 200,000 Scottish jobs are under threat with the premature ending of the furlough scheme must be a wake-up call for the Prime Minister and his UK government to save Scottish jobs before it’s too late.

“Scotland is looking on as Westminster buries its head in the sand. It can be no surprise to Boris Johnson that support for Scottish independence is at record highs when his government consistently fails to deliver for Scotland.”

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