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Pop Your Prescribed Medicine on Your Holiday To-Do List

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As part of their summer health campaign, NHS 24 wants to make sure you remember to take your medicines with you when you’re away from home.

Whether it’s a longer holiday, or a short overnight stay with loved ones, the public are being encouraged to make packing their medicines high on the holiday ‘to-do’ list.

John McAnaw, Associate Clinical Director at NHS 24, explains that that 111 regularly receives phone calls from people who need help accessing prescribed medicine while away on a break in Scotland.

“During the hubbub and excitement of planning to go away from home, it’s understandable that people sometimes forget bits and pieces to put in with their luggage,” says Dr McAnaw.

“Forgetting your phone charger or hairbrush might be annoying but staying fit and well while you are away should always be a top priority.

“When going away from home, you should check you have enough of your medicine to cover the duration of your trip.

“If you discover that you need more, order only what you need and in plenty of time before you head off on your travels.”

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“Pop a note on your phone, ask your smart speaker to remind you, or stick a post-it note on the fridge. Whatever it takes to ensure you remember to pack those essential medicines.” – Dr John McAnaw.

NHS 24 also advises to be prepared for other common summer ailments by having over-the-counter remedies available, such as pain relief, antihistamines and medicines specifically tailored for children.

For minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes, it’s also a good to have a basic first aid kit with bandages and plasters ready to hand.  

Dr McAnaw continues:

“For travelling overseas, remember to check the rules of the country you are visiting, as some medicines can be banned or restricted.

“NHS Scotland’s Fit for Travel website has lots of information for travelling with medicines, including keeping your medicines in their original packaging with the leaflet and taking a copy of your prescription with you.

“If you are away for a break in Scotland and forget your essential medicine, both NHSinform.scot and the NHS 24 Online app have an ‘Access to Medicines’ guide and a range of other symptom checkers available online.

“These easy and free resources are a quick solution to help source any prescribed medicine or help you might need.

“If your GP practice or the pharmacy closest to you isn’t open, NHS 24 is also on hand to assist by calling 111.

“However, you could save yourself time and avoid the inconvenience by remembering to pack your medicine along with your toothbrush, clean clothes, and phone charger.

“Then you can focus on having fun and quality time with your loved ones while you are away.”

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