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Pretend Points Based System Will Destroy Opportunity and Increase Hardship

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Following the publication of further details on the post-Brexit immigration system, the SNP has dubbed it a “pretend points-based system” that will destroy opportunity and increase hardship for families and businesses across the UK.

The new system – which will come into force on January 1st 2021 – will bring an end to freedom of movement and essentially extend the rules currently applied to non-EEA nationals to EEA nationals.

The SNP’s Shadow Immigration minister has said the system is merely an expensive work permit system, given that almost everyone migrating to the UK must have a job in advance.

Stuart McDonald MP (pictured) added that the so-called “Health and Social Care visa” is also a “con-trick” – excluding social care workers, care home workers, NHS healthcare assistants, porters from its scope.

The SNP has warned that the new system will be a disaster for Scotland, with the extension of anti-family visa policies, businesses being drowned in red tape and hundreds of thousands of EU nationals stripped of their rights overnight.

Commenting, Stuart McDonald MP said:

“This pretend points-based system will see families split apart, businesses drowned in red tape and unable to recruit, and EU citizens stripped of their rights overnight.

“It will be a disaster for Scotland.

“Even the much-hyped ‘health and social care visa’ is a con trick and if this system had come into effect before coronavirus, we’d be at a standstill right now.

“It’s taken the Home Office four years to come up with a new immigration system – which they promised would work for the whole of the UK – and they basically decide to apply the existing policies for non-EEA citizens to EU citizens.

“This is despite the overwhelming input from devolved nations and businesses who have said this will not work for them.

“On top of this, they have given businesses only four months to get ready.

“The whole system is massive bureaucracy and expense right in the middle of a global health pandemic – and an indictment of the Tories’ recklessness.

“Time and time again, the UK government has failed to address Scotland’s economic, demographic and social needs.

“It is increasingly clear Scotland needs to be able to design our own immigration system.”

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