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Pro-Austerity Starmer Should be Embarrassed to Campaign in Scotland

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Ahead of Keir Starmer’s visit to Rutherglen, the SNP’s Mhairi Black has said the Labour leader should be “embarrassed” to campaign in Scotland.

The SNP warned that Starmer, who now backs Brexit and Tory austerity policies such as the two-child cap and rape clause, is fully signed up to a “Tory manifesto for the status quo.”

Figures commissioned by the SNP show that South Lanarkshire has lost £156 million as a result of Brexit – £146 million in EU imports and exports and £10 million in direct funding.

The local authority area also has one of the highest numbers of households impacted by the two-child cap in Scotland – 1,420 households – and has nearly 23% of children in poverty.

Commenting, the SNP Depute Westminster Leader Mhairi Black MP said:

“Sir Keir Starmer ought to be embarrassed campaigning for a so-called fresh start in Scotland.

“The Labour leader has publicly signed up to a Tory manifesto for the status quo – more Westminster austerity, more economic carnage and more misery for Scottish households.

“During his trip to Scotland, Sir Keir must answer what a fresh start means for Scotland and for Rutherglen and Hamilton West – which has been hammered by Brexit to the tune of £156 million and where almost 1500 households are affected by the two child cap.

“We can no doubt expect more hollow words and empty promises from the pro-Brexit and pro-austerity Labour leader.

“Even his own candidate can’t back his plans to stick with Westminster’s cruel two child cap and pro-Brexit agenda.

“So why should the people of Rutherglen, or Scotland?

“Let’s not forget, if it wasn’t for the SNP Government, which is mitigating the worst of Westminster policies, students would be paying tuition fees and families would be feeling the impact of the brutal bedroom tax.

“Starmer’s Labour party backs both of these policies.

“The only thing on offer from either of the Westminster parties is more of the same.

“Only a vote for the SNP will help deliver real change – so vote SNP in the upcoming by-election and reject this pro-Brexit, pro-austerity Labour party.”

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