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Progress Being Made With Council’s Road Improvement Project  

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At a recent meeting of The Highland Council’s Redesign Board members noted the progress being made on the Road Improvement project. 

The Roads Improvement project aims to redesign the service where necessary and deliver improvements for the effective, efficient, and sustainable delivery of all engineering and roads operations and improve road condition across the Highlands. 

Although still in the early stages, members were advised that progress is being made with work reviewing permit applications, temporary and permanent traffic regulation orders and compensation claims.

A further programme of works has been established covering policies, processes, financial resources, and workforce planning. 

Chair of the Redesign Board, Cllr Bill Lobban said:

“This project is about taking a good look at ways we can modernise procedures to improve efficiency, so it was good to get the update today and the chance to discuss the next steps.” 

Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Ken Gowans added:

“The purpose is to redesign the service to modernise it and to ensure efficient processes are in place.

“These back-office, behind the scenes improvements are fundamental to the delivery of efficient, quality services that continue to provide value for money.

“Not only will the new processes benefit staff, but they will also benefit customers, so it is encouraging to see planning for the next phases is underway.” 

The next phases include initiation of the road construction consent process improvement project and initiation of investigation work on alternatives to the current methodology used for the Roads Budget Distribution formula.

Once this work is completed a workshop will be arranged for members to discuss the current budget distribution formula and possible alternatives. 

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