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Projections Show The Grim Reality of Westminster Control

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New projections show Scotland is set for a future of slower GDP growth, shrinking population and a smaller labour force as a result of Westminster control.

The latest economic and fiscal projections for Scotland’s economy by the Scottish Fiscal Commision show Scotland’s projected growth as part of the UK at only 0.9% per year on average between 2028-29 and 2071-72.

The data also highlighted that Scotland’s population could drop by as much as 900,000 people by 2072, with its labour force also seeing a drop.

The SNP has said ‘these predictions show the staggering cost of continued Westminster control’ and ‘independence is now more vital than ever to ensure a better future.’

Commenting SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said:

“These projections show the grim reality that Scotland faces as a consequence of a future under Westminster control – underlining how vital it is for people to have a choice of a better future as an independent country.

“Whilst Northern Ireland’s economy reaches a 15 year high as a part of the world’s largest single market, Scotland is being left to suffer the impact of Westminster and its damaging Brexit obsession – leading to a predicted 50 years of economic decline and stagnation for Scotland, despite Scots overwhelmingly voting to remain in the EU and the single market.

“This is not the future Scotland wants or deserves, and that is why people voted to have the choice of a future where we can build a better, more prosperous and independent country away from the failing Westminster system and impact of continued Brexit chaos.” 

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