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Provost and Leader Amongst Key Roles Selected for City of Inverness

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Councillor Ian Brown who represents the Inverness Millburn Ward was elected as the Leader of the City of Inverness and Area, (Wednesday 8 June 2022), at a meeting of the City of Inverness Area Committee held in the Council’s chambers at Headquarters.

Councillor Chris Ballance who represents Aird and Loch Ness Ward was also elected to a new post of Depute Leader.

Councillor Brown will chair the Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee meetings.

Councillor Glynis Campbell-Sinclair who represents the Culloden and Ardersier Ward was elected as Provost of Inverness.

Councillor Morven Reid who represents the Culloden and Ardersier Ward and Councillor Jackie Hendry who represents Inverness Ness-side Ward were also duly elected as Depute Provosts.

The City Leader, Councillor Brown said:

“I am honoured and delighted to accept the position of City Leader and would like to thank Members for electing me to serve in this important role.  

“I would like to welcome the new Members to the City of Inverness Area Committee and I look forward to us working together for the residents of Inverness and surrounding area at a very exciting time, with huge potential for continued growth and success in the coming years.”

Newly-elected Provost of Inverness, Councillor Campbell-Sinclair said:

“I am truly honoured and thrilled to be elected to serve as the Provost of this wonderful city which is steeped in history.  

“In line with the Town House motto, “concordia et fidelitas”, I hope that as Members we can work together in harmony and honesty moving forward.”

The role follows a tradition of over 600 years, with the earliest reference to a Provost of Inverness as ‘Provost Junor’ in around 1400.

Councillor Campbell-Sinclair will be the second lady Provost in the history of Inverness.  

Councillor Helen Carmichael’s election to the role of Provost on 25 June in 2015 broke a 600 hundred year tradition of male Provosts holding the role. 

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