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Putting People at The Heart of Social Care

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National Care Service Forum will let the real experts help shape reforms.

More than 500 people with a passion for community health and social care will have the chance to make history at the first ever annual National Care Service Forum in Perth.

Attendees will be given the chance to shape the future of the National Care Service in a ground breaking opportunity for social care users, families, carers and staff to share their thoughts about the National Care Service and contribute to its design.

The National Care Service is being created following an Independent Review of Adult Social Care Services in 2021, which recommended reforming social care in Scotland and strengthening national accountability for social care support.

It will be the most significant development in health and social care since the establishment of the NHS.

The Forum is part of a commitment to work with the real experts – those with lived experience of working or receiving health and social care services – to ensure we can develop an organisation that is fit for purpose, and that takes into account growing demand.

Minister for Social Care Kevin Stewart said:

“From the day I took up the role as Minister for Health and Social Care I have been clear that the loudest voice on the future should come from those with living experience. 

“Today’s event marks a monumental step towards a National Care Service, bringing together hundreds of people who are passionate about community health and social care, about continuing to make things better, and about developing an NCS that will be serve the people of Scotland for generations to come.

“Those attending will play their part in ensuring the voices of those who use or deliver community health and social care are heard.

“We must never lose sight of the fact that we’re undertaking this work for people and families and hundreds of workers.

“Those who are gathering today will write their names into Scotland’s history books by shaping the biggest shake-up of health services since the NHS.

“This is the biggest reform of public services since the formation of the National Health Service.

“A change of this scale will take time if we are to get it right.

“The sooner we start, the sooner we will be able to deliver better support for everyone.”

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