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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Quarantine Rules Lifted for Five Countries

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Travellers from an additional five countries will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in Scotland.

From Tuesday 28 July, passengers from Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia and St Vincent and The Grenadines will be exempt from quarantine rules.

The decision follows a review of infection prevalence rates of coronavirus (COVID-19). Exemptions are kept under regular review and could be reinstated if the prevalence rates increase.

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf (pictured) said:

“Infection prevalence rates in countries across the world are being closely monitored.

“Where there is clear evidence that it is safe to do so, we will add further countries and we are now able to do that for Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia and St Vincent and The Grenadines.

“The virus remains infectious and deadly and, with quarantine restrictions being lifted, we must not become complacent.

“Anyone travelling should follow public health advice at all times including wearing face coverings, avoiding crowded places, washing hands and surfaces, staying two metres apart and, if they get symptoms, self-isolating and immediately registering for a test.”

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