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Quiet Lockdown Roads no Excuse for Reckless Driving Says Finnie


Green MSP for the Highlands and Islands John Finnie (pictured) has asked police to remain vigilant for dangerous driving after a number of constituents expressed concern some drivers in the Highlands were using quieter roads as an excuse to flout the law.

Writing to Police Scotland, the MSP noted that while the vast majority of drivers were continuing to obey the law, a small number were treating the lower volume of traffic as a justification for speeding and other dangerous behaviour.

He added that any traffic collision would add further pressure to emergency services already stretched by the coronavirus pandemic.

Responding, Police Scotland said it was actively targeting the issue in the Highlands and Islands and would continue to be visible on the road throughout the lockdown.

Mr Finnie said:

“Though only a small number of drivers are seeing the quieter roads as a justification for dangerous and reckless driving, that’s still too many.

“Any kind of collision at the moment would add to the workload of emergency services who are already carrying a significant burden.

“I thank Police Scotland for their continued vigilance on this matter and urge all road users to continue to act safely and responsibly.”

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