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Renewed Support for Crofts in Scotland

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New payments made to support crofting families

Over £250,000 has been awarded as part of a fresh round of support from the Scottish Government’s Croft House Grant Scheme.

The money will help crofters and their families build their family home or make vital improvements to their croft house which will help safeguard their future in the years to come.

This year, the Croft House Grant Scheme approved over £440,000 to 15 crofters, eight of which are part of Scotland’s island communities, ensuring the continuation of the crofting way of life.

Environment Minister Gillian Martin said:

“Crofters are vitally important to our rural and island communities.

“They play an integral role contributing to the long-term sustainability of these often fragile areas.

“The Croft House Grant enables crofters to achieve the full potential of their crofts while generating economic success, something that I have seen first-hand on a recent visit to Argyll.

“It is also a vital source of funding for people who have aspirations to live on a croft but may struggle to afford it.”

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