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Return to Shinty

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Indicative date for return of local games.

Following a highly productive meeting with the COVID Working Group earlier this week the board have approved an indicative date of Saturday 26th September for a return to local shinty fixtures for Adults and Children (Subject to Scottish Government Guidance and approval).

To be clear this indicative date is based on continued progression through the Scottish Government Routemap and will be the earliest time that any games of any kind can take place with other local communities (including friendly matches.)

The date for outdoor competition for children and youth shinty is also currently the 26th September however this date is now under review following receipt of updated guidance from sportscotland earlier today and this may be brought forward pending a review of the following three items

Club readiness (risk assessments)

Club engagement in local leagues (Questionnaire will be sent by Ronald Ross w/c 10th August)

A review of coach to participant ratios which will take place in the next two weeks after schools return.

As you would expect the date that shinty can return to competition is an exciting one after such a tough period however it is imperative from the moment each club returns to training that they do all they can to implement and safely enforce the guidance provided by Scottish Government and The Camanachd Association.

Last night Beauly Shinty club returned to youth training following guidance and other clubs have already returned their readiness guidance in preparation.

All dates are subject to change in line with Scottish Government guidance.

Whilst an indicative return to matches is great news for shinty, this is still a public health emergency and The Camanachd Association would like to reinforce the following key points in relation to this guidance change:

Organised and sanctioned outdoor training for youths can now take place (subject to club readiness guidance);

With participants and essential coaches in attendance

no spectators

no family members (except for parents or guardians of children or vulnerable adults) 

a register of all attendees should be maintained

travel to and from competition must not mix households i.e. no car sharing.

A return to adult contact training now has an indicative date of 24th August with Scottish Government and The Camanachd Association will advise should this date be confirmed in the coming weeks.

This of course is also subject to clubs completing the Club Readiness Guidance.

This date will likely be finalised (or not) by the First minister on Thursday 20th August. 

As is detailed in current guidance the focus for all clubs between now and the indicative dates should be non-competitive and focused on a return to training locally.

The focus should be on delivering the organised activity with as few participants as possible (8:1 ratio) interacting with each other and for the minimum amount of time, whilst still allowing the activity to be run effectively.

Additionally, activity at this stage should be non-competitive, essentially a return to training / training games. 

No open competition, matches or other activity between clubs/organisations or venues should be arranged at this time.

As always guidance is available on the COVID 19 Live Guidance page and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch in the first instance with your Regional Development Officer.

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