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REVEALED: The Areas in The UK With The Biggest Appetite to Buy a House

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New research conducted by housebuilder Avant Homes has revealed which areas in the UK are most in-demand with prospective house buyers, using average monthly search volume for keyword phrases.

The study examined search volumes for every major city in the UK for the phrase “Houses for sale in …” to find out how many searches were conducted on average each month per 50,000 of the population

Results showed that Stirling was the most in-demand location for house buyers with 6,600 monthly searches in total for “Houses for sale in Stirling” equating to just under 3,500 per 50,000 of the area’s population. 

Located north east of Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow, Stirling is known as “the gateway to the highlands” combining stunning scenery and affluent urban areas to offer the best of both worlds.

York ranked in second place and had a higher overall search volume figure than Stirling with 9,300.

However, its larger population meant this works out at just over 2,655 searches when broken down into searches per 50,000. 

The city is one of the most historic places in the UK and is a major tourist trap in the North of England boasting a minster, castle, and city walls, most of which are still intact despite dating back thousands of years. 

East Anglia’s biggest city Norwich rounded off the top three with monthly search volume figures of 5,800 which worked out at 2,297 per 50,000 people.

Stoke on Trent was next, with the Staffordshire city having the highest monthly volume of anyone in the top 10.

But with a population of just under 255,000, it meant that figure equated to 2,161 per 50,000 residents. 

The north Wales city of Wrexham completed the top five with 1,763 monthly searches per 50,000 people.

Wrexham has been put on the map recently, gaining global attention thanks to a Hollywood takeover of its football club and the subsequent documentary which was watched by millions around the World.

The city had a search volume figure of 1,763 per 50,000. 

Chester placed next and had a very similar search volume figure of 1,719 per 50,000 people, followed by Southampton with 1,279.

Carlisle, Worcester, and Gloucester made up the rest of the top ten, each having just under 1,000 searches per 50,000 of their respective populations. 

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