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Ross Absolutely Delighted to Welcome Rishi Sunak to RAF Lossiemouth

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Moray MP Douglas Ross says he was “absolutely delighted” to welcome Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to RAF Lossiemouth as he thanked military personnel ahead of Christmas. 

Douglas – who accompanied the Prime Minister on his visit to the military base – met with many who will be working over the Christmas period instead of being with their families and enjoying the festivities. 

He says that the Prime Minister’s visit was also a chance to thank those at RAF Lossiemouth for their “tireless work” all year round in defending the country. 

Douglas added that he continues to be “extremely proud” to represent servicemen and women across Moray and he welcomed this “timely opportunity” to thank them and wish them all the best ahead of Christmas. 

Moray MP Douglas Ross said: 

“I was delighted to welcome the Prime Minister to RAF Lossiemouth and join him thanking servicemen and women ahead of Christmas. 

“Like the Prime Minister I am extremely grateful for the tireless work personnel at RAF Lossiemouth – and people throughout our Armed Forces – do all year round to defend us. 

“As we approach the festive period, I am even more aware of the sacrifices they make as many will be on duty over Christmas, some abroad, rather than getting to spend time at home with their families. 

“While most of us will be enjoying the festivities with our loved ones, those at RAF Lossiemouth and other military bases across the country will be working hard carrying out important work, to keep us and our allies safe. 

“I am extremely proud to represent a constituency with such a significant military footprint with both RAF Lossiemouth and Kinloss Barracks. 

“This was a very timely opportunity to wish them all the best and I grateful to the Prime Minister for making the time to come to Moray to give his personal thanks to those at RAF Lossiemouth.” 

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