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Ross Welcomes UK Budget

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Moray MP Douglas Ross (pictured) has welcomed an outstanding budget delivered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak which included a freeze in duty on Scotch whisky.

This is another welcome boost for the whisky industry in Moray following a five-year suspension of tariffs being imposed on whisky exports to the USA being agreed in June.

Douglas welcomed many aspects in the budget which will be positive for the Moray area.

Commenting Douglas said:

“This is a budget that delivers for people here in Moray by focusing on protecting jobs, providing essential extra funding of £4.6 billion for public services in Scotland, and freezing fuel duty to help drivers across Moray and the whole country.

“The strength and security of the United Kingdom has helped us through the pandemic, and the announcement of the biggest block grant since devolution will ensure Scottish public services are protected going forward. 

“It’s now crucial that the Scottish Government spend this record budget in the best way for our local communities.

“This budget is a major boost for the whisky industry which is so important here in Moray.

“The UK Government’s budget has ensured that distillers will benefit from a freeze in duty for the fifth budget in a row. 

“This is something I work hard with the industry and Treasury Ministers every year to deliver, and I am delighted we have been successful again this year.

“It is another welcome boost following the UK Government striking a deal to suspend tariffs on whisky exports to the USA earlier this year.

“This is a major show of confidence from Rishi Sunak in the whisky industry and I will look closely at the forthcoming review of alcohol taxation which needs to address the antiquated system that has operated for far too long.”

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