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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Russian Military Units Should be Proscribed as Terrorist Organisation

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Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Defence and MP for the Far North of Scotland, has urged the Ministry of Defence to proscribe Russia’s military units and mercenaries, including the Wagner Group, as terrorist organisations, in response to the atrocities being committed in Ukraine.

The Liberal Democrats are proposing the use of proscription orders as part of a renewed package of measures in response to the atrocities being committed by Russian forces in Ukraine.

The proposed measures include the expulsion of Russian diplomats based in Britain; and for the UK to lead calls at the ICC to issue an arrest warrant for Putin.

Mr Stone commented:

“We have all seen the appalling atrocities that have been uncovered in Bucha.

“Only recently, sixty people were killed in a school in Luhansk following Russian shelling.

“Is it not time for the Russian military units and mercenary groups, including the Wagner Group with their sinister death’s head, to be proscribed as terrorist organisations?

“We cannot offer empty words while Putin and his soldiers continue to butcher innocent Ukrainian civilians.

“By proscribing these groups, they will be branded as terrorist organisations.

“This will make anyone engaging with them, anywhere in the world, in violation of UK law – putting pressure on those who have dealings with Putin’s mercenaries to pick a side.

“We must also work with our international partners to ramp up the pressure on Putin.

“That means following our allies and expelling Russian diplomats – and treating Putin as the international criminal he is by leading calls for the ICC to issue an international arrest warrant.”

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