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Scotland Must Choose Independence to Escape Westminster Chaos for Good

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The past week alone has starkly illustrated the two futures facing Scotland:

Chaotic Westminster continues to abandon its responsibilities to the people of Britain in the middle of a cost of living crisis while the SNP Scottish Government has focussed on delivering for struggling households.

Far from being a functioning government, the Westminster Tories remain mired in resignations, u-turns, in-fighting and economic vandalism. 

And those consecutive months of Westminster chaos stand in stark contrast to the Scottish Government’s business of improving the lives of people across Scotland.

Amongst other work this week, it has:

·  convened an energy cost crisis summit,

·  opened funding for Drug support services,

·  and been tackling the pressures in our NHS, ahead of winter.

Commenting SNP MSP Elena Whitham said:

“It’s quite frankly scandalous that people across Scotland are expected to accept the shambles we see at Westminster as competent government when it is the exact opposite.

“The last week has been an affront to democracy and an insult to people across the UK.

“We’ve not had a functioning Westminster government for so long now as the self-serving Tories ignore the crisis facing millions of people.

“If Westminster can’t provide a government that cares for its people – and that much is very clear – it is essential for Scotland to become independent so we can do it ourselves. 

“While the Tory farce drags on, the SNP Government has been getting on with the day job, taking action with the powers it has to improve the lives of people across Scotland.

“And if we had the full powers of independence, we could be doing so much more.

“With every day that passes, independence becomes increasingly essential for Scotland to escape the undemocratic, uncaring and unfit government we are being forced to suffer under Westminster control.

“It is the only way for Scotland to be properly and fairly governed.”

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