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Scotland Must Have The Right to Choose

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The SNP has warned that Tory politicians cannot seek to deny the people of Scotland basic democracy, and said that the people of Scotland ‘must have the right to choose’ their future in a post-pandemic referendum.

Commenting ahead of the Tory manifesto launch, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown (pictured) said that the Tories’ opposition to giving the people of Scotland a choice over their future ‘betrays the weakness of their position.’

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“The Tory strategy for trying to block a referendum on independence is utterly undemocratic.

“It’s clear that Douglas Ross and his party have no route through the pandemic, no vision for recovery, no ambition, no intention of setting out a detailed plan on how they would run Scotland and offer no leadership.

“That is irresponsible and disrespectful to voters, who deserve better from the Tories than a long list of things they are against and virtually nothing about what they are for.

“That lack of clarity betrays the weakness of their position, and their panicked obsession with the SNP shows they are running scared of the verdict of the people of Scotland in this election.

“They know that their behaviour is anti-democratic and that it will not hold.

“People in Scotland must have a right to choose their own future, and no single party or politician has the right to dictate what that future should be.

“If there is a mandate for a referendum at this election then Boris Johnson has no democratic or moral authority to try and block it.

“This election will shape Scotland’s future for years to come – and every single vote will count.

“The decisive way to ensure there is a re-elected SNP Government, led by Nicola Sturgeon, which is in a position to deliver a referendum is to give both votes to the SNP on 6th May.”

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