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Scotland Must Not Be Left Out of Pocket Over Coronavirus Funding

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The SNP has warned that Scotland “must not be left out of pocket” by the Treasury at a time when public health restrictions are tightened locally and nationally – calling for clarity over how extra financial support for English councils will pass through to Scotland in consequential funding.

As the UK government sets out financial support packages for English councils as further tiered measures are implemented, the SNP’s Shadow Chancellor has warned that businesses and workers across Scotland must not be forced to pay the price as a result of withheld funding and income support.

Commenting, the SNP’s Shadow Chancellor Alison Thewliss MP (pictured) said:

“As further restrictions are introduced in line with public health guidance it is vital that businesses, workers and households are supported – rather than pushed into hardship as a result of withheld support.

“As the Treasury sets out further funding for English councils that face restrictions, it is critical that it also urgently clarifies how that extra financial support will pass through in consequential funding to the devolved governments.

“Scotland must not be left out of pocket by the UK government.

“The SNP has been consistently clear that as we face a rise in coronavirus cases and local and national restrictions, the UK government must extend support instead of pulling it.

“With the furlough scheme due to be shut down prematurely next week – replaced instead with inadequate half measures – it is vital that businesses and workers are not abandoned.

“A failure to bring forward proper financial support and to fix gaps in support will lead to businesses pulling down their shutters for good, mass job losses and households facing a hit to their incomes.

“I urge the Treasury to re-think their furlough replacement plans, and also to urgently clarify how extra financial packages announced for English councils will pass through in consequential funding to the devolved governments.”

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