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Scotland Office Spin Doctor Costs Soar to More Than £1 Million

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Alister Jack (pictured) shelling out hand over fist on a propaganda unit.

The SNP has slammed the Scotland Office as it emerged that costs for spin doctors in the department have soared past £1million.

Obtained through a Freedom of Information request, the Scotland Office spends the following:

– Expenditure on staffing, excluding any VAT costs where applicable, to deliver communications functions: 2020/2021 – £906,177

– Public information campaigns that support UK Government policies and initiatives: 2020/21 – £75,681

– 4 special advisors each paid at band 2 (£57,000-£80,000)

Commenting, SNP MSP Neil Gray said:

“Spending more than a million pounds on a team of spin doctors for a Scotland Office that doesn’t meaningfully govern anything is a quite staggering waste.

“Instead of using taxpayers’ money to rebuild our recovery from the pandemic, Alister Jack is shelling out hand over fist on a propaganda unit with the sole purpose of plastering stuff with the union flag.

“What the Scotland Office should have been doing this year is standing up for Scotland in the midst of this disastrous Tory Brexit – imposed on us against our will – and fighting back against the Westminster power grab on Holyrood and devolution.

“And regardless of how truly woeful the Scotland Office has been, Alister Jack still doesn’t believe any of his fellow Tory MPs are good enough to work there.

“Instead, they have appointed an unelected multi-millionaire Tory donor as a government minister.

“We cannot trust the Tories to protect the future of Scotland.

“The only way we can protect Scotland is with a referendum for recovery where the people of Scotland can choose a different path with independence.”

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