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Scotland Tops UK Manufacturing Productivity

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Westminster is holding Scotland back from it’s true potential

New research from the multinational professional services brand PwC has named Scotland as the UK’s most productive manufacturing part of the UK.

PwC’s Industrial, Manufacturing and Services Productivity Tracker highlighted that output per hour was 19% higher than the UK average, at £47 per hour.

The tracker attributed Scotland’s success in manufacturing to key subsectors including food and drink, and energy industries.

However, the research also showed that there was room for more growth in manufacturing productivity, with a recent modest growth rate of 5.2%.

The SNP’s Business spokesperson, Richard Thomson MP said that Westminster was holding Scotland back from reaching its true potential.

Commenting Richard Thomson MP said:

“The success of Scotland’s manufacturing industry is a testament to the hard working business leaders and the support of the Scottish Government.

“However, it remains clear that Westminster is holding back Scotland from reaching its true potential.

“Scotland deserves better than Westminsters pro-Brexit agenda, which has left businesses facing uncertainty and expensive red tape.

“Both the Tories and the Labour party are content to plough ahead with the current pro-Brexit, UK economic model which only produces low economic growth and high inequality.

“In Scotland we are focused on fostering a wellbeing economy and have recently announced a £17.5 million funding package to establish Scotland as one of Europe’s leading start-up economies.

“However, Scotland is being held back as it remains tied to Westminster, it is only with the full powers of independence can we reach our true potential.

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