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Scotland’s Exports Outperforming Rest of The UK

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Reacting to HMRC Regional Trade Statistics for the year ending March 2022 compared to the year ending March 2020, Trade Minister Ivan McKee said:

“Scotland has again outperformed the rest of the UK with total exports up 5.7% when excluding oil and gas, while the UK is down 2.8%.

“It is encouraging that most of our exported commodities showed strong performances, with chemicals increasing by £676 million, manufactured goods up £215 million and beverages up £196 million.

“However, trade statistics continue to highlight the negative impact of Brexit on the economy, and strengthen the case for Scotland to become an independent country.

“Our Export Growth Plan is undoubtedly working to offset the barriers we face as a result of being taken out of the EU, and if it wasn’t for the drag of Brexit, our exports would be soaring.

“We will continue our strong focus on recovery and renewing the economy to beyond pre-pandemic levels through the National Strategy for Economic Transformation, and build on this progress.”

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