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Scots Entrepreneur ‘Drives’ Business North Despite Covid Challenges

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The Drive-In Cinema parks-up at Inverness Tulloch Stadium today, before heading to Aberdeen.

Business owner Callum Campbell (pictured), 25 from Glasgow, will bring his new socially distanced business, The Drive-In Cinema UK, to the Scottish Highlands tomorrow for four nights of festive film despite new restrictions being put in place.

The Drive-In Cinema has been approved to go ahead in non-Tier 4 areas and after Inverness, will make a stop in Aberdeen.

Callum, who had to withdraw events in Glasgow due to the region entering Tier 4, will hit the highlands offering families some much needed festive cheer and the opportunity to enjoy an out-of-home activity, but in a socially-distanced format; all event goers are required to stay in their cars at all times and within their bubbles.

Some of the movies on show include: Elf, Love Actually, Home Alone, Die Hard, The Grinch and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Tickets for the event are available from the website priced at £35 per car with two screenings available each day.

The young entrepreneur, who set up his first business at 18 years old selling t-shirts, made the move into movies in March of this year.

He spotted an opportunity when the first wave of restrictions were put in place, rocking the live music and events industry.  

Callum, owner and founder of The Drive-In Cinema UK, said:

“It’s been touch and go with the varying restrictions from city-to-city, so we have had to evolve the tour almost weekly.

“Luckily, we have a fairly agile business model, but it’s certainly been a challenging few weeks.

“Most of the events industry has been decimated, so I am hugely aware of how lucky I am to be running a business that can continue to entertain in most areas across the UK.”

“We are really excited to head for the highlands this week; most of our screenings are just about sold out.

“Despite the new restrictions, people are still looking for ways to enjoy themselves sensibly and this is the perfect opportunity.

“Also, there’s nothing more uplifting than a festive film!”

The Drive In Cinema UK will be in Inverness today, Monday 23rd – and Aberdeen on Friday 27th.

To view the full schedule of screenings or to book tickets click here.

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