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Scot’s Tory Law Chief’s Resignation Bid Leaves Party Leader Exposed

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The Tory government’s law officer for Scotland’s offer to resign has left Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross (pictured) “totally exposed” in his failure to act in Scotland’s interests and oppose Boris Johnson’s Internal Market Bill, which threatens a huge power grab on the Scottish Parliament.

The decision by the Advocate General for Scotland, Lord Keen of Elie, to offer to quit makes him the latest in a series of Tory grandees to look to resign over the UK government’s plans to break international law with the Bill, which threatens the Good Friday Agreement and the future of devolution.

But Douglas Ross and other Scottish Tory MPs have so far backed the proposals – despite Mr Ross pledging to stand up to Boris Johnson when Scotland’s interests were at stake.

The SNP’s Justice and Home Affairs spokesperson, Joanna Cherry QC MP said:

“I am pleased that Lord Keen has finally decided to do the right thing and offer his resignation.

“No Scottish law officer could possibly reconcile the lack of regard Boris Johnson and his government has for the rule of law with his or her obligation as an officer of the Scottish Courts.

“It shows, yet again, that this Tory government cannot be trusted.

“And it leaves Douglas Ross and the six spineless Scottish Tory MPs who voted for the bill totally exposed and in an utterly untenable position.

“By threatening to break the law, rip up the UK’s international treaty obligations, and impose an extreme Brexit against our will, the Tory government is damaging Scotland’s interests.

“By voting for this, Scottish Tory MPs are doing anything but standing up for Scotland.

“The UK government will find it hard to find any member of the Scottish Bar to replace Lord Keen as Advocate General as long as it is intent on breaking international law.

“Tory plans for an extreme Brexit will be devastating for Scotland.

“The only way to protect Scotland’s place in Europe now is to become an independent country.”

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