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Scots Want More Powers for Holyrood

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A new poll has revealed that a clear majority of Scots want more powers for the Scottish Parliament, and decisions about Scotland to be made in Scotland – not Westminster.

The Survation survey shows that the majority of voters are against suggestions from senior Tories to “review and roll back some currently devolved powers.”

This comes after months of power grabs from Westminster over Scotland’s devolved legislative powers, including the unprecedented use of Section 35 and the proposed amendments to the current Levelling Up Bill, which would give the Tories powers to scrap Scottish environmental rules.

SNP Depute Leader, Keith Brown, said:

“This poll shows that the majority of the Scottish public are firmly against the Tories’ deliberate, co-ordinated attempts to reverse devolution, roll-back the powers of the Scottish Parliament and force Scotland under Westminster control.

“Lord Frost is just saying the quiet part out loud when it comes to the UK Government’s disdain for Scotland, but sadly, the Labour party are equally as culpable in working with the Tories to block devolution and deny Scotland’s democratic right to choose our own future.

“Only the SNP and independence will protect the powers of our Scottish Parliament.”

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