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Scottish Covid 19 Catch Up Spend Highest in The UK

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A new report has found that Scotland has invested more money into education catch-up for pupils affected by the Covid-19 pandemic than any other part of the UK.

The study from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) revealed that the total amount of funding for catch-up is largest in Scotland (£200 per pupil) compared to England (£174 per pupil), Wales (£88 per pupil) and Northern Ireland (£82 per pupil).

The report also drew attention to the SNP government’s support for children eligible for free school meals during the school holiday periods, and the one-off payment of £100 per child in December – saying that “holiday support appears most generous per child per day in Scotland until the Easter period.”

MSP Clare Adamson (pictured) said:

“This has been an extremely difficult time for school pupils in Scotland and across the UK, and teachers, schools and education professionals are working hard to deliver high-quality education in the most challenging circumstances.

“This report shows that significant funding invested to boost recruitment, accelerate school recovery and support disadvantaged pupils has gone a long way – but investing in our young people will be even more crucial in the months ahead.

“It’s absolutely right that the Scottish Government has put opening schools and returning pupils to face-to-face learning top of the agenda when we have the virus under control.

“We know there’s still work to do to ensure that each and every child gets the best start in life, and the best education possible – but the SNP will continue working to deliver on the issues which matter to people across the country.”

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