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Scottish Green MSP Welcomes Proposed Ban on Animal Snares

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Highlands and Islands MSP Ariane Burgess has welcomed the launch of a consultation into a ban on the use of animal snares.

The consultation was launched by the Scottish Government today and runs until October 3.

The Scottish Greens were elected on a manifesto which included banning the use of snares as well as spring traps, stink pits and cage traps, often used on grouse moors.

Ariane Burgess MSP said:

“Trapping animals in snares is cruel, barbaric and needs to end.

“These traps can inflict deep wounds, internal organ damage and death.

There is simply no excuse for this to still be happening in a modern Scotland, where we know we need to protect our wildlife, not eradicate it.

“Thousands of snares and traps litter Scotland’s countryside and indiscriminately kill, maim and wound our wildlife.

“Up to 70 per cent of animals caught in snares are not the species the traps were set for.

“Scottish Greens have long called for these to be outlawed.

“I welcome that the Scottish Government is moving closer to a ban and would urge as many people as possible to take part in the consultation. 

“Just this week a ban on snares was made into law in Wales.

“It’s time for Scotland to follow suit.”

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