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Scottish Greens Propose New Deal for Onshore Wind Power in Scotland

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Ariane Burgess (pictured), the Scottish Greens’ lead candidate for Highland Region has called for a new deal for Scotland’s wind energy supply to meet future demand for electricity as fossil fuels are phased out.

This could create hundreds of supply chain jobs in Scotland.

The Scottish Greens manifesto pledges to replace existing turbines with newer, more powerful models and doubling the size of the industry.

Making it easier to invest in onshore wind will come with conditionality to keep at least 70% of the supply chain in Scotland.

Commenting, Ariane Burgess, the lead candidate for the Scottish Greens in Highland Region said:

“Renewable energy is absolutely critical to meeting climate targets and ensuring our survival.

“Onshore wind already contributes a large amount to Scotland’s energy mix, but it has stagnated under the UK and Scottish Governments.

“As we shift to electric transport and heating solutions, the demand will grow and so must the onshore wind sector.

“That’s why the Scottish Greens are proposing a new deal for wind energy to encourage the sector to upgrade existing turbines and expand.

“We would ensure that the Scottish supply chain is protected, which could create hundreds of jobs for the Highlands and Islands in the process.

“This would be good for the planet, but also for our communities.

“Scotland can be a leader in renewable energy and Argyll and Bute could be at the forefront of that, but only if we invest in it.

“Our future depends on it.”

Scottish Greens will:

Upgrade existing wind farms and the delivery of an additional 8GW of onshore wind by 2030, creating 3,200 jobs plus another 3,000 in the supply chain.

Commit to sourcing at least 70% of the onshore wind supply chain from Scottish business.

Encourage at least 20% of new windfarms to be owned by the community

Promote Planning reform to make it faster and easier to get consent for onshore wind in suitable areas out with National Parks and National Scenic Areas

Requiring all new onshore wind farms to have a net positive impact on nature, for example through peatland and habitat restoration.

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