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Scottish Labour Calls for Clarity Over Key Workers Definition

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The Scottish Government has now produced tighter guidance on restrictions to business and Scottish Labour are calling for greater clarity on the key workers list.

Additional guidance on what type of job qualifies as ‘key worker’ would enable employers and their workers to assess who is eligible for childcare during the Coronavirus crisis.

Currently, the UK Government has said that if a child has a parent who is a key worker then childcare provision will be made available.

In contrast, Scottish Government guidance says if one parent is a key worker and the other is not, the non-key worker should normally be expected to provide childcare.

Scottish Labour agrees that access to childcare should be for those in key worker single-parent households or where both parents are designated key workers.

In addition, while the UK Government has a definite list of who qualifies as a key worker, the Scottish Government has established three broad categories of key workers.

Scottish Labour is calling on the Scottish Government to provide greater clarity over which workers qualify as key workers and to closer align the Scottish Government’s definition with that of the UK Government.

Commenting, Scottish Labour Leader Richard Leonard (pictured) said:

“Coronavirus is not only the greatest public health challenge we have faced in generations but is also an enormous threat to jobs and our economy.

“Key workers, such as those in health and social care, public services and transport are needed more than ever to provide care and support for those who need it and keep our country running.

“Unfortunately, differences between the guidance offered by the UK and Scottish Governments has led to confusion for workers and employers over who qualifies as a key worker and who does not.

“The SNP Government must urgently provide employers with more guidance on this issue so that key services can continue to be delivered and those who are continuing to work have access to the childcare that they need.”

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