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Scottish MSP Calls Out Westminster Inaction Ahead of Challenge Poverty Week

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Collette Stevenson MSP will today (Tuesday 24th October) lead a member’s debate on the importance of Challenge Poverty Week in highlighting the realities of and solutions to poverty, and the meaningful difference being made under the SNP in alleviating hardship across Scotland.

The MSP for East Kilbride will point to the damage done by the Westminster cost of living crisis and the importance of the SNP Government’s ‘game-changing’ Scottish Child Payment, which has lifted an estimated 90,000 children out of poverty.

This comes as the First Minister’s Programme for Government made tackling poverty a defining mission of this SNP Government, increasing pay for social care workers to £12 per hour and expanding access to free childcare to make it the most generous in the UK.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Collette Stevenson MSP said:

“This year’s Challenge Poverty Week comes as families across Scotland are bearing the brunt of the Westminster-made cost of living crisis.

“The Tories’ woeful economic incompetence and cruel policies like the two-child benefit cap and rape clause – now endorsed by Labour – have done immeasurable harm, but the SNP Scottish Government is determined to fully utilise every lever at its disposal to tackle the scourge of poverty.

“In the next year, the SNP Scottish Government will expand access to free school meals, boost social security spending by £1 billion, expand free childcare, increase social care pay and help more than 300,000 children with the Scottish Child Payment.

“My debate will show that, although there is more to be done, the SNP is taking meaningful action to raise the standard of living for all Scots and will always stand up against harmful Westminster policies.”

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